SNL Said Goodbye To Bill Hader And Fred Armisen Last Night, I Might Have Teared Up

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SNL Season Finale May 18 2013 Ben Affleck

Last night's season finale of Saturday Night Live had some good moments, some “meh” moments, and an emotional send-off for two of my favorite cast members, Fred Armisen and Bill Hader.  Ben Affleck proved to be an enjoyable enough host, though I was expecting  the material to pack a little bit more of a punch for the season finale (really disappointed in both Kanye‘s lame performances AND the lack of Kim Kardashian jokes last night).  Then again, season finale hosts are often outshined by departing cast members' exits.

The farewell to Hader and Armisen wasn't as emotional as Kristen Wiig‘s “Ruby Tuesday” number last year, but I still got a little emotional during the nightly sign-off because sometimes I like to pretend all of my dreams came true and that I'm an SNL cast member (or at the very least a featured player or Lorne Michaels‘ favorite janitor).

In case you missed it, here are my favorite SNL moments from last night:

5.) Iranian Film

Iran's response to Argo, entitled “Bengo Fuck Yourself” is a delight.  I love the Boston accent-laden performance and acceptance speech almost as much the reference to Gigli

4.) Hermes
There's no real rhyme or reason to the former-porn-star-turned-ad-girls sketches, but they are totally underrated in my opinion.  I don't know why, but I could watch Cecily Strong do this all day.  As long as “Girth Brooks” is there to talk about his nutsack.

3.) New Xanax
Who knew gay summer weddings could be so stressful?  I haven't attended one yet (I did theater in college; it's only a matter of time before I need my own “new Xanax”) but I'm going out on a limb and saying this is absolutely accurate.  I love it.

2.) Weekend Update: Stefon's Farewell
It's hard to outdo an Amy Poehler guest appearance on Weekend Update, but Stefon's Graduate-style wedding definitely did.  Goodbye, Stefon.  I think we're all going to miss you, and it's safe to say we'll think of you every time a politically incorrect person utters the word “midget.”

1.) Top of the Pops
The Bizarros say goodbye, but assure us that they'll “keep playing together.”  This served as a great goodbye to Hader and Armisen, as they were joined by members of Portlandia, The Sex Pistols and Sonic Youth.  The touch that made me get a little wet behind the eyes? The note to Lorne Michaels:  “TY, LM <3 You” written on Armisen's guitar strap.

Honorable Mention: Opening Monologue
Both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner put the “marriage is work, oh and we're divorcing” rumors to rest by declaring their love for each other in a cute, if slightly uncomfortable/nervous monologue.  What I really enjoyed about this was Affleck's disappointment in not being inducted into the “5 Timers Club” in a similar fashion to Justin Timberlake earlier this year.

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