Justin Bieber Makes Out With President Obama + 4 More SNL Sketches That Made Us Laugh This Week

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Finally, after another irrationally long hiatus, SNL was back last night with host Louis C.K.  If I recall, I enjoyed his last stint as host due mostly/only in part to the Lincoln sketch.  While Lincoln did not make a reappearance last night (because it’s totally okay to let something be funny and successful once, oddly enough), there were definitely more than a few laugh-out-loud moments, at least for me.  I expected his opening monologue to be odd yet brilliant, and I was not disappointed.  It seems like the show is finally starting to find its footing without head writer Seth Meyers.

Louis C.K. is great at playing the role of the awkward, middle-aged white man (for obvious reasons) but it would be nice to see him venture out of that comfort zone once in awhile, especially because SNL is the perfect place to do just that.  Maybe a lesson from Inside the Actor’s Studio is in order? Ahem. Without further ado:

1. Healthcare.gov Meeting

Sorry I’m not sorry I loved this.  Partly because I adored President Obama’s appearance on Between Two Ferns, and mostly because I could watch Kate McKinnon impersonate Justin Bieber all the live long day.  What’s scary is she’s barely exaggerating his character.

2. Opening Monologue

Normally I’m not a fan of comedians who host and use the opening monologue to do their usual schtick, because it can sometimes come off as too easy and/or cheesy.  But Louis C.K.’s very odd, very relatable, very funny rant was kind of captivating.  He’s just great at what he does, guys.

3. Black Jeopardy

OMG. Professor Mark from Brigham Young University?  Brilliant.  I laughed out loud so many times, and then felt guilty about it, which was most likely the exact intention behind this sketch.  So… bravo!

4. Dyke & Fats

I’m not going to lie, this made me severely uncomfortable until the exact moment Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon shouted “You can’t call us that! Only we can say it!”  Which was probably the exact intention behind that sketch.  But pardon me if I can’t help squirming thinking about one of the writers pitching this idea to Aidy Bryant.

5. Mr. Big Stuff

I’m just a sucker for any sort of group singing or musical sketch.  I feel like SNL doesn’t incorporate that enough anymore… I really miss the Kristen Wiig/Maya Rudolph/Amy Poehler musical numbers of yesteryear.  “I had three meals of hot eggs!”  LOL.

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