The Kimye Talk Show + 4 More SNL Sketches That Made Us Laugh This Week

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SNL Lady Gaga 11-16-13

You know what?  I actually had a hard time narrowing this post down to just five of the funniest sketches from SNL last night.  I admit, I was worried about Lady Gaga‘s performance in the exact same way I worried about Miley Cyrus‘ performance (because they're obnoxious lunatics), and once again I was completely surprised by how many times I found myself laughing out loud.  Combining the musical guest and host doesn't always work out in SNL's favor.  Lady Gaga is pretty hard for me to digest in real life lately, but I had no problem swallowing her down on Saturday Night Live last night.  (I didn't intend for that to sound as gross as it does, but I'm leaving it on principle.)

If you get a chance, check out the cold open, “Rose Zone,” as well as the “Paxil: Second Term Antidepressant” commercial.  They were very funny and well done. But for now, it's onto my five picks of the week:

1. Kimye Talk Show
This takes my number one spot for a few reasons; one of them being that I love Nassim Pedrad as Kim Kardashian.  Another reason?  Even though we only saw her for a few seconds, Kate McKinnon‘s impression of Kris Jenner is easily one of my favorite things ever.

2. Weekend Update: Jebediah Atkinson
Speaking of laughing out loud, I was actually holding my stomach at one point.  Sure, I had just been eating a giant slice of banana toffee cake, but still.  I've said it from this start of this season – Taran Killam deserves all the things.  He almost breaks here and starts laughing, which of course just makes us all laugh harder.  “And don't get me started on his beard.  What was her name?  Mary Todd?”  Dying.

3. 4th Grade Talent Show
If you've ever suffered through an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, then you know parents like this really exist.  In abundance.  Great delivery here.  Lady Gaga's “look at your motha, Ashley!” was the icing on John Milhiser's jazz hand cake.

4. Blockbuster
Nailed it.  This is exactly how I would picture devoted Blockbuster employees breaking down after hearing that all of their stores are shutting down.  I'm pretty sure I went to high school with a bunch of those guys.  “We just work at Best Buy now.”  Baha.

5. Spotlightz Acting Camp
If there is an award for portraying obnoxious and precocious children, Vanessa Bayer deserves it.  Lady Gaga and Taran Killam also get shout-outs for their Training Day and Breaking Bad performances, respectively.

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