Kerry Washington Answers ‘What Does My Girl Say?’ + 4 More SNL Sketches That Made Us Laugh This Week

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Kerry Washington SNL 2013

Kerry Washington and the baby in her belly co-hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and I must admit I didn't really have any expectations, positive or negative, going in. I don't watch Scandal and am only familiar with Kerry from her adorable red carpet interviews, but I must say I am a little obsessed with her after last night. She was hilarious and committed, and as a result I definitely think I see a Scandal binge-watch in my near future.

The episode itself didn't knock my socks off in terms of overall content, but it was solid, and Kerry was absolutely the best part for me. So without further ado, we present five of the funniest sketches from last night's episode.

1. Cold Open

The show dealt with the elephant in the room — the lack of black women in the cast — right out the gate, and I must admit it took me by pleasant surprise that the show made fun of its shortcomings so immediately. Now they've admitted there's a problem, let's hope they work on fixing it. I was a little disappointed that Kerry didn't actually come out as Beyonce like they teased, but you can't always get what you want.

2. Career Week Speaker

Nasim Pedrad's weird, can't-quite-explain-them characters always make me chuckle without really knowing why. The fact that I had annoying motivational speakers come to my high school might have contributed to the humor for me. I also couldn't stop giggling at Kerry as the disinterested, gum-smacking assistant: “Respect my ability to assess a bucket.”

3. ‘What Does My Girl Say?'

I've been waiting all season for SNL to parody the “What Does The Fox Say?” phenomenon, and they finally delivered. I'm not gonna lie, most of the reason I love this video so much is because of Kerry's cute little dance moves.

4. Miss Universe

What would happen if women from less-developed, less materialistic nations participated in the Miss Universe Pageant? All this, apparently. Props to Nasim as “Someone from the E! network,” as well as Kerry as the agitated Ugandan contestant. Bonus: A girl-on-girl kiss.

5. Cartoon Catchphrase

These game show segments can be hit or miss, but I actually enjoyed this one, if only for the fact that I've always wondered what would happen if the phone-a-friends on Millionaire answered their phone at an awkward time. I also got a kick out of Aidy Bryant's frantic performance. I think the show should give her more to do.

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