Edward Norton Does A Great Owen Wilson Impression + 4 More SNL Sketches That Made Us Laugh This Week

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Edward Norton SNL 10-26-13

I'm going to admit I went into this episode of SNL with a bit of a “meh” attitude, regardless of how talented Edward Norton may be.  I need to feel excited about my SNL hosts, you know?  Edward Norton didn't exactly come to mind when I was fantasizing about this season's lineup of possible hosts.  He did, however, deliver a very steady performance with each sketch and you could tell he was giving it 100%.  Basically I remembered why I used to love him during my early millennium days.

The following sketches stood out to me for various reasons, though it was hard cutting some of them from this list.  I think Edward Norton did a great job, and I was surprised to realize this was his first time hosting SNL.  Hopefully he'll be back in the future to showcase even more celebrity impressions – we happen to love those around here.

1. Monologue
Alec Baldwin
and Miley Cyrus showed up to “help” Edward out.  Even though the entire world reached “Miley Overload” a long time ago, I have to say this monologue worked and was the best one of the season so far. It must be noted that Miley was practically fully clothed and she announced an upcoming tour because of course she did.  This monolgue also confirmed that my lady loins don't care about how rude/borderline psycho Alec is in real life because I am still completely attracted to him.  Damn it.

2. School Visit
Edward Norton plays a police officer having a helluva time trying to convince kids to not get into vans with strangers for the sake of some candy.  Loved the concept, though I would have liked to see more from all of the kids in the classroom and a little less Nassim Pedrad.

3. Autumn's Eve
Oh my God.  Amazing.  Because there's just not enough pumpkin-scented shit pushed on consumers this year, why not add “douche” to the list?  I'm surprised this doesn't actually exist already.  Kate McKinnon scooping out that pumpkin was a great touch.

4. New Horror Trailer
“You had me at Wes Anderson” and an Owen Wilson/Gwyneth Paltrow impression.  The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders is a movie I might actually pay to see.

5. 12 Days Not A Slave
Though this sketch was a little slow-paced and probably could have taken things even further, it's worth a gander and a place on this list because of Aidy Bryant (“These have been the best twelve days of my life!”) and Miley Cyrus twerking in Civil War-era garb.

Honorable mentions go out to “Critter Control,” “Halloween Candy,” and the Obamacare Website cold open.  Check 'em out if you have time.

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