‘Dongs All Over The World’ + 4 More SNL Sketches That Made Us Laugh This Week

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Okay, let me just be up front in admitting that it's pretty much a guarantee that if SNL spoofs a musical, I will love it.  I know, I know.  It's a cheap ploy to get people to enjoy a sketch, and after so many Pitch Perfect clips and GIFs we saw Anna Kendrick being asked to sing coming from a mile away.  Which is good and bad.  Good for people like me and bad for all of the people who hate that kind of thing (sorry, did you think that statement was going to have more depth to it?).  Oh well!

After several weeks of hit-and-miss sketches, I have to say I was mostly quite entertained during last night's show.  Having a host who doesn't constantly have to look at cue cards is a plus (we can probably thank Anna's theater experience for that, so STFU theater haterz), and any sketch where Aidy Bryant plays Ursula the Sea Witch is a-okay with me. I just want to be BFFs with her and Anna so hard right now.  Ugh.  Without further ado, here are our picks for the five best sketches of the night.

1. Dongs All Over The World

I don't know what “sexual pokemon” is, but I know I want in on it.  Also, does anyone know if Hobby Lobby sells a sleep mask with “H-O-R-N-Y” emblazoned on it?  Do. Want.

2. Flirty

This was just as uncomfortable as it was adorable, and I don't know about you but I cold totally relate.  I *always* have my poopy underwear clasped in-hand while talking to my crush.  WORST.

3. Weekend Update: Angela Merkel

Let's just say I am a fan of anything that involves Kate McKinnon, Weekend Update, and the image of a boob-grabbing Vladimir Putin perching James Dean-style on a Volkswagen.

4. The Little Mermaid

Sorry I'm not sorry that I thought this was brilliant.  Great timing, great background puppeteering, and can we all just agree that Aidy Bryant needs her own Ursula spin-off or something?  Great, yeah.  Someone get on that.

5. French Dance

I love the French stereotypes and Taran Killam‘s character in every single Les Jeunes de Paris sketch, but I about lost it when the school girls from “Madeleine” showed up.

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