‘The Beygency’ + 4 More SNL Sketches That Made Us Laugh This Week

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SNL Andrew Garfield 5-2-14

After watching last night's SNL, all I kept thinking was “So. Many. Adorable. Moments.”  Andrew Garfield might be the cutest host since Macaulay Culkin and Fred Savage hosted in the early '90s.  I'm serious.  He's charming, funny, and made a great host – he would have been fine sans Emma Stone, but her appearance was basically just an added delight.  Scrumtrulescent, if you will.  (Are we still saying that? I hope so.)

Anyway, it was nice to watch SNL after its 56th hiatus this season, and we only have a limited number of Saturday nights left to enjoy it before summer reruns, so I won't blather on and on.  Let's get to it, shall we?  Feel free to let me know what sketches you all enjoyed most in the comments.

1. Cold Open: Donald Sterling

The fact that you have to enter your birthday and other personal data before Hulu even lets you watch this sketch should give you a good idea up front that it's going to touch upon some uncomfortable things.  I think the writers did a solid job of making an abhorrent situation funny without making an abhorrent man likeable, if that makes sense.  Also, Jay Pharoah‘s Dennis Rodman is now my favorite Jay Pharoah character.

2. Family Feud: Celebrity Edition

LOL. Who knew Andrew Garfield was harboring an excellent Justin Timberlake impression?  Love it.  Did this sketch leave anyone else yearning for more Noel Wells/Reba McEntire?  Omg.  I'm gonna need to see/hear more of that, please.  I was a little disappointed in Aidy Bryant‘s Adele, but only because she actually pronounced the “t-h” in “thank you” instead of the more accurate “FANK EWE.”

3. Spiderman Kiss

The fact that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield can have this much fun together and simply not give a singular fuck about it makes me love them even more.  Also, does anyone know if Chris Martin was this funny BG (Before Gwyneth)?  Because he had me totally cracking up.

4. Weekend Update

While I love Jedidiah Atkinson, I have to hand it to Kate McKinnon's Olya here.  The Full House references sealed the deal for me.  Anyone who can convincingly portray getting hot and bothered by Dave Coulier is a winner in my book (Olya must not know about his not funny gay jokes yet).  God, I love her.

5. The Beygency

This is perfection.  We are all under Beyonce‘s spell because it's her world and we're just mere minions living in it.  She's an angel brought from the heavens to give us fun, catchy music and majestic Instagram photos.  My husband and I came out to  “Love on Top” at our reception and if anyone dared to not dance along to it, we banished them.  Plain and simple.

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