This Cut Louis CK SNL Sketch About Aliens Could Not Be Any Weirder If It Tried

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Louis CK SNL deleted sketch March 2014

Louis CK hosted SNL for his second time this weekend, and the episode is being hailed all over the Internet as being incredibly, wonderfully weird. You kind of have to expect weird stuff when Louis CK is there. But no matter how strange and amazing you thought his episode was, nothing can prepare you for the sketch that got cut after dress rehearsal. Luckily it was recorded, and you can watch it right here. And seriously, please watch it and then explain it to me, because I've said “Huh?” so many times this morning that I barely know how to make a different sound.

Here's the concept of the sketch. A group of space travelers encounter an alien played by Louis CK in what is basically a Klingon costume. His three-fingered claw hands will probably give me nightmares for weeks. But I love the fact that his crazy eyebrows and hair are still red to match his beard. He threatens the space travelers while inexplicably standing in front of a poster of a hot shirtless guy. Alien Louie comes back a few times to be menacing, and every time he's got a hunky man behind him. And every time the people on the spaceship wonder what's up with that.

This goes on for five minutes. It goes on for so long, and Louis CK is so proud of his hot guy posters and their “cool, fun vibe” that by the end I couldn't help but laugh without really understanding why I was laughing. It's so pointless and awkward that it's brilliant. I can only imagine how unsettling this would be to watch if it had aired after midnight during the show. I'd probably start searching under the couch cushions for the drugs I must have taken to hallucinate it.