SNL Returns With Jennifer Lawrence After The Longest Christmas Break Ever

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After what seemed like eons, Saturday Night Live was finally “live” again last night with Jennifer Lawrence and The Lumineers.  There were some decent sketches, but I couldn't help noticing that for some reason J. Law wasn't really utilized to her full potential.  I feel like some of the material she was given was similar to what SNL gives to celebrities who are hosting only because they're popular at the moment and not necessarily because there are high hopes for them to be hilarious. Remember how completely unfunny Paris Hilton was?  And Michael Phelps?  Because they're not actors.  Jennifer Lawrence wouldn't have entire Tumblrs full of GIFs dedicated to her if she wasn't awesome and funny, you know?  I guess I had higher hopes.

That being said, it was actually a solid episode even if they didn't use J. Law as much as I would have liked.  Watch and judge for yourself.

1.) Cold Open
Piers Morgan covers the best of the week: Lance Armstrong, Manti Te'o, and Jodi Foster all make memorable appearances.

2.) Monologue
Though it felt a bit hurried, Jennifer Lawrence's monologue was definitely funny, playing on her “I beat Meryl” line at the Golden Globes by trash talking her fellow Oscar nominees. Also, did you know that Tommy Lee Jones is the most fun person ever?  I. Love. Bill. Hader. Enough. To. Type. Like. This.

3.) Hunger Games Press Release
This could have went in many different directions, but mainly just focused on how little Peeta did to win — “Did you take performance REDUCING drugs?”  My favorite part was the reporter who knew nothing about the Hunger Games because he usually covers the “golf beat.”

4.) Love Letters
Even soldiers in the Civil War could use a “tit pic” to get them through the dreariest of days, you know.  I give this sketch credit if for no other reason than it made me wonder what a 19th century dick pic would look like.

5.) B-108 Morning Show
Everyone's favorite Minnesota hip-hop station perfectly demonstrated how loud and obnoxious other hip-hop or KISS morning shows are.  It was good, but it made me miss Jimmy Fallon's Z-105 sketch. Holler for MC Jigglebutt, y'all!

Honorable Mentions:
I would be remiss if I didn't give a special shout out to Weekend Update's Anthony Crispino, king of secondhand news and friend of “No Eyes Eddie.”


(Photo: NBC)