SNL Examined The Behind The Scenes World of Game of Thrones

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Last night Josh Brolin hosted SNL and proved sometimes an Oscar-nominated actor known for serious roles can be a better asset to the show than a comedian. Josh couldn't quite pull of parodying a cast member on a Californian soap opera (he seems to have mixed up exaggerated west coast accent with the speech patterns of a stroke victim). But he really committed to the role of a drunk teacher at a Hunger Games themed prom (please let this be a real trend sweeping the country and soon sweeping Tumblr).

The best sketch of the night, however, didn't feature Josh at all but did try to explain why Game of Thrones has so many topless women hanging out in every shot: its consultant is a thirteen-year-old boy who thinks more boobs make every show better. As a pubescent Andy Samberg pointed out it's on HBO, they can do anything they want. Here are a few of the night's top sketches.

It's easy to make fun of Ice-T but that analysis represents a lot of SVU viewers' knowledge of the legal system. And an eye for an Ipod law would make The Real World: Miami a lot more interesting.

It's hard to focus on infidelity and disease with the threat of heavy traffic.

Yes, the greatest danger of a Hunger Games themed prom isn't the threat of a fight to the death over the prom queen crown, it's losing your reptilian date in the decorations.