SNL Digital Shorts Celebrated Its 100th Video With Guest Stars And More Penis Jokes

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Last night on SNL the 100th Digital Short aired, and to celebrate they brought out what they like best: celebrities and talking about their penises.

The first celeb they trotted out was Justin Bieber, and while he might be more famous than any of the Digital Short guys, he looked so excited to be playing with the cool older kids. That is until, of course, they explained exactly what they planned to to to celebrate this particular milestone.

The parade of celebs didn't stop: Justin Timberlake appeared in all his bearded glory, and Natalie Portman angrily chucking a baby over her shoulder reminded me just how much the world needs an angry rapping Natalie Portman. And Jon Hamm might have a closet full of awards for Mad Men, but his best moment on TV might be pelvic thrusting by Justin Bieber. Capped off with Michael Bolton as Jack Sparrow and the tribute was perfect. Here are some more great sketches from last night's SNL.

We laugh now, but next year we'll be watching commercials for Hungry, Hungry Hippos: The Movie. There should also be a rule that Liam Neeson has to speak with his real accent in every movie he ever does.

Will Ferrell's best skit of the night brought out his always hilarious George W. Bush. Who knew he had such a vendetta against butterflies?

Another example of the consequences of angering Kristen Wiig.

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