Anna Kendrick’s Cut SNL Sketch Parodied ’90s Nickelodeon Shows, Says Everyone And Their Moms Were On Speed

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SNL Nickelodeon Speed Sketch

If you happened to catch Anna Kendrick hosting SNL this past weekend, then there's a good chance that you agree that she was amazing in all of her sketches. But, unless you're secretly a cast member on the show, you probably didn't even know about the cut sketch parodying Nickelodeon shows in the '90s. And, by “parodying,” I mean joking that all of the child actors were hopped up on speed all day. Which, if it were true, would definitely knock Sam & Cat right out of the picture as the Nickelodeon scandal rocking our worlds.

In the sketch, Beck Bennett plays the host of a Behind The Music-esque show that reveals the drugged-up happenings behind the scenes of the fake kids show, Zap!. I take special joy in the fact that the show looks and sounds suspiciously like the real and equally as seizure-inducing PBS show, Zoom!. Also responsible for my heightened happy levels is the fact that Anna, Taran Killam, Keenan Thompson, and Nasim Pedrad really nail the total meltdown that everyone almost expected happened when the literal peppiest kids on Earth were off-camera. I imagine that this sketch was a little too dark to air on during the show, but, if you've spent even one minute on the internet, you know that nothing is off-limits here.

So take a trip down memory lane back to the children's TV shows of yore, except this time with a slightly more cynical and infinitely more hilarious outlook. Get ready to have the image of Taran screaming “He's not a real Spanish person!!” in your head for the rest of the day or maybe your life.