Snap This: Taylor Momsen Flashes Her Breasts, Horrifies Us

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Is Taylor Momsen 18 yet? She isn't, we know that, but can we pretend she's an adult for the sake of feeling less weird about the fact that she flashed the crowd at a Pretty Reckless concert in England? Here's why this image is particularly unsettling: Imagine someone like Lady Gaga or Courtney Love or even Lita Ford pulling something like this. Midway through a set, rockstar cred blazing; we bet they're not smiling like Taylor's smiling in this photo — a teenager slyly giddy with the “subversive act” she's getting away with. Is she a woman confident enough in her sexuality to incorporate that as part of her act? Nope, she's a child playing grown-up with some pretty messed up stuff, and it's written (in eyeliner) all over her face.