Snap This: Michael Bay Used Footage from ‘Pearl Harbor’ in ‘Transformers’

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With Transformers: Dark of the Moon getting released about a week ago, one eagle-eyed Redditor posted this photo comparing the big naval scenes from two of Michael Bay‘s big movies: Pearl Harbor and the first Transformers. Except for subtracting or adjusting a few pieces of machinery for the 66 years between battles, Bay clearly used the same footage.

While some users are laughing and calling “busted!”, most of them can't be bothered to care. Couldn't it be argued that he “owns” the footage enough that he has the prerogative to recycle it into another of his movies? And as one person pointed out, it's a quick establishing shot that doesn't take away from any of Transformers‘ characters. However, this was my favorite exchange in the thread:

astrodust: Imagine all the angry letters he got saying that aircraft carrier went out of service in 1975 and yet it's still going strong in Transformers!

RoboCrush: Unless the carrier IS a Transformer!!

Truer words, my friends.