Snap This: CBS Isn’t Wasting Any Time Rebranding ‘Two and a Half Men’ with Ashton Kutcher

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I'm late on this photo since it's from the CBS upfronts in May, but it's still jarring: The network slapped together remaining Two and a Half Men stars Jon Cryer and Angust T. Jones with their new co-star Ashton Kutcher. Even though the show is currently on hiatus, CBS presumably wants to present a united front and shove all memories of Charlie Sheen‘s drug use and warlock-inspired ranting into a far corner of the TV audience's brains. Something about this photo just really seems to be pushing it. I wonder if they'll keep Kutcher's long-hair-and-goatee combo, to really distance him from the clean-shaven Sheen.

You'll find out when Kutcher's character will debut on the show in the fall, because we will continue to not tune in. And the world keeps on spinning.

Interesting comparison: Look how out-of-sync the cast looked at the 2009 People's Choice Awards, right before Sheen went cah-razy.