SmokeStik Has A Profitable Friend In Katherine Heigl

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Note to PRs: If your product has health benefits, send it to actresses trying to revive their images. That’s what happened with Katherine Heigl and the SmokeStik. Someone at the electronic cigarette company has a friend in common with Heigl, and sent her a prototype of their product. Shortly thereafter she could be seen promoting SmokeStik all over the place – even getting David Letterman to take a puff on The Late Show.

Bill Marangos, CEO of SmokeStik, tells Crushable that Heigl and his company have a “common friend.” Well, Marangos ought to be buying that friend some nice presents right now.

SmokeStick sales have jumped since Heigl started shilling for them. According to Marangos, SmokeStik is “the celebrity choice for electronic cigarette.” But he also admits 90% of Americans had never heard of the product before Heigl started rolling around Hollywood with it.

And now, the company is benefitting from Heigl’s attempts to revive her image. The actress has gotten a negative reputation around Hollywood for running her mouth off. She’s also alienated a lot of  TV and film contacts in Hollywood. Like Judd Apatow, who couldn't have been pleased when she called Knocked Up – the movie that made her a film talent – sexist. Heigl also didn't help things when she bashed the writers on Grey’s Anatomy, withdrawing her Emmy nomination because she didn’t think the scripts were up to par.

Now, with her movie Life As We Know It out Friday, Heigl is frantically trying to restore her image as an American Sweetheart. And her struggle with trying to quit smoking is a great way to do that.

Says Marangos:

“We were just hoping that if she ever got interviewed, someone would ask her. We weren’t expeciting her to be on letterman and have him use the product. She did that on her own. We couldn’t be happier. “

But if you’re looking to get exactly the product Heigl has been using, you’re out of luck for awhile. SmokeStik sent her a highbrid model that’s not on the market yet – called a “pitbull.”