Smallville’s Supergirl answers fan Qs, with spoilers!

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LauraVandervoort supergirlSmallville newcomer Supergirl/Kara played by Laura Vandervoort gets down with a fan to answer questions about her new life at Smallville.

What can we look forward to for your character this season?
Clark and Kara have a bit of a falling out, which pushes Kara to leave the Smallville land, and Clark doesn't know where she has gone. Of course, she's off causing trouble! Meanwhile, Lex is looking for her, because they had an encounter. Kara will find herself in a bit of trouble with a certain scientist, and she learns some things about her family on Krypton that she didn't even know about. That may or may not ruin her image of her family for her.

You mentioned that Kara will be causing some trouble this season. Is it true that she and John Jones [Martian Manhunter] will be having some problems?
She has some past history with him. There's definitely some tension between them. Martian Manhunter is Clark's friend, and she doesn't like him, so it causes tension between the three of them.

Will there be a love interest for Kara… possibly by the name of Jimmy Olsen?
Yes, there is a love interest thing that happens with her and Jimmy. (Uh-oh.. look out Chloe…)

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