Later That Day I Got To Thinking, Slutever Is A Much Better Version Of Sex And The City

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When I started started watching Sex and the City in high school I felt like such a badass. Now it all looks so innocent, but back then it was the equivalent of turning on porn with my parents sitting right in the next room. I simultaneously wanted to brag to my friends about all my newfound sex knowledge and move to New York so I could brunch with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. 

The older I got, the more I realized they're all kind of horrible people and they all kind of give horrible sex advice. Who would be friends with any of them? Especially the friend who regularly turns all your relationship problems into some kind of vague metaphor for her weekly tabloid sex column. It's the modern equivalent of your friend live-tweeting an embarassing sex story as you tell it just so she can get retweets.

Karley Sciortino, Vice's resident sexpert stars in the new web series Slutever. A hilarious mockery of Sex and the City that manages to actually give real sex advice. While I'll warn you it's a little NSFW, it's totally worth watching before you start your weekend. Trust me, these are the kind of tips that will make your weekend a very special one.

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