Listening To Jimmy Fallon And Brian Williams Slow Jam The News Is Always A Treat

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Slow Jam the News 2013

Forget eating your breakfast today! This video of Brian WIlliams and Jimmy Fallon slow jamming the news is all you'll need to power you through the morning.  As always, it's surprisingly entertaining to watch these two men turn the latest headlines into something slightly erotic-sounding. Especially if you're like me and you're struggling to understand the debt ceiling. Something that's apparently still an issue in 2013! I've got to read the real news more often. Is it still coming in the paper form?

BriWilly and JimFal are joined by The Roots as they attempt to break the issue down in a way that everyone can understand. Best line of the Debt Ceiling 101 lesson? No one likes a soft Boehner. Get it? It's the kind of joke I would have repeated all day in middle school, before retiring to my bedroom and spending the rest of the evening in  inappropriate chatrooms asking A/S/L?

While the best line came from the mouth of Jimmy Fallon, the best part came from Brian Williams — and his completely straight face as Jimmy said increasingly ridiculous things. Is it too late for him to adopt me? Because I think I'm in love with him. In the father-daughter dance way. He's just such a cool guy. How many dads would get up on stage with Jimmy Fallon and turn the news into an audition for a high school production of Fifty Shades of Grey? Not my dad. He still gets uncomfortable when I say the word tampon.

So BriWilly, if you're reading this, I'm up for grabs.

(GIF: JimmyFalPal)