24 Sleepover Movies That Defined Your Teen Years

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As a young girl, few things were more fun than a sleepover with your best friends. Laughing until you cry, making up sick dance moves, truth or dare, and stuffing your face with chips and ice cream was the life from about 2nd grade on until… well, to this very day! And don't forget talking about boys, prank calling them, and envisioning your wedding day to your schoolyard crushes. Such innocence. Such fun.

When it gets down to it, what would a sleepover be without a great movie that will prematurely teach you about sex, make you scream your head off with laughter, fawn over the hot lead actors, make you all cry, or scare you all just a little bit? But you're all sleeping in the same room, so it's all good. Walking around Blockbuster with your girls spending an hour picking the perfect flick is such a fun memory for so many of us and the following movies were sure never to disappoint. Guaranteed you've probably watched all of these with your friends during the '90s and early aughts. So, take a walk with me down memory lane and relive simpler times of teenage move nights and sleepover fun.