Allow Pitch Perfect’s Heartthrobs To Serenade You In Honor Of Amurrica

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Allow Pitch Perfect s Heartthrobs To Serenade You In Honor Of Amurrica Skylar Astin Ben Platt Pitch Perfect Fourth of July song 2014 jpg

It’s July 4th, also known as Independence Day, also known as America’s birthday, also known as AMERICA WOOHOO PARTY IN THE USA Day. Maybe that’s just in my house, though. In honor of this very important day for our country, two of our favorite singing cutie pies got together to serenade us. Those cuties are Skylar Astin and Ben Platt from Pitch Perfect. They sang a lovely rendition of “America the Beautiful,” which Elizabeth Banks posted on her YouTube account.

They’re currently filming Pitch Perfect 2, which is being directed by Elizabeth, in Louisiana. But because they love us, and presumably also because they love America, they took the time to give us a little celebratory music video. Of course they sing a cappella, and it sounds simply lovely. Unfortunately Anna Kendrick wasn’t there to accompany them with some sick beat-boxing, but I guess I’ll get over it eventually. Maybe. We’ll see. It just doesn’t seem as pitch perfect without Anna there, but I’m dealing with it.

It helps that the guys are wearing those cute matching blazers. And look at that flag haphazardly strung up behind them like they’re about to pose for a class picture. I like to imagine Elizabeth Banks is on the other side of the camera encouraging them like a stage mom. And then maybe between takes she went up to them to adjust their shirt collars. And look at that awkward little smile-and-wave they give at the end. Let’s do this for every holiday, okay? Flag Day, Arbor Day, Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. ALL THE DAYS!