Skylar Astin And Alexis Knapp Will Have A Pitch Perfect Reunion In A TBS Pilot

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Skylar Astin MTV Movie Awards 2013

Pitch Perfect might have inspired our girl crushes on Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, but it also inspired a regular crush crush on Skylar Astin, the movie's main guy. In super-exciting news, he's starring in a TV pilot for TBS called Ground Floor, and in super-duper-exciting news, we now know he'll be starring with Alexis Knapp, his Pitch Perfect co-star.

Ground Floor is a comedy from Bill Lawrence of Scrubs and Cougar Town fame, in which Skylar stars as an “alpha male” who learns from his company's support staff that he doesn't have it as good as he thought he did. Alexis will play his party girl co-worker. Sounds like a good fit.

In case you need a refresher, in Pitch Perfect, Alexis played Stacie, the girl who has a lot of sex and whose favorite hobbies include “cuticle care and the E! network.” Those happen to be two of my hobbies as well (mostly the E! network), so she instantly became one of my favorite characters, which isn't necessarily saying a lot since they're all my favorite characters.

Alexis Knapp


The show will also star John C. McGinley and Briga Heelan, who were both previously on Bill Lawrence's shows.

I'm totally game for watching Skylar on a TV show, and the addition of Alexis only makes me more interested. Now if only we could work some a cappella into the plot somewhere. I mean, Pitch Perfect 2 isn't happening until 2015. I need some musicless singing to tide me over until then. Also, if both this show and Rebel Wilson's pilot Super Fun Night get picked up, we need to have a crossover episode to create the ultimate Pitch Perfect reunion. Plus, fun fact: Alexis was a guest star in Rebel's pilot, so it would make even more sense for a crossover to happen. It would also be best if Anna Kendrick is there with her cups.

I would also like to request that Skylar do that cute thing he did in Pitch Perfect where he puts the record covers over his face. You know what, I have a lot of requests, so maybe I'll just put them together in a list and deliver it to TBS via carrier pigeon. Cool? Cool.

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