Skyfall Teaser Trailer Released And Daniel Craig, I Am Skyfalling In Love With You

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Oh. Oh hey, Daniel Craig as James Bond. I didn't even see you there. Did you come out with a new teaser trailer for Skyfall today? It wasn't like I was looking for it or waiting for it…I just happened to be in the area, so I watched it. No big deal. It's fine. I'm not stalking you because I don't find you attractive or anything. At all. Don't worry about it.

ALRIGHT. Enough with the interrogation, 007. You cracked me. I do I do I do find you attractive, and even though I'm not a Bond purist, you can bet your spy decoder ring (he wears those, right?) that I'll be at the midnight showing when the movie premiers on November 9th.

And don't worry, I'll be the first to admit that I'm one of those annoying human beings whose appreciation for the James Bond franchise is entirely dependent on who's playing Bond currently. I love me some Daniel Craig, I like me some Pierce Brosnan, and I tolerate me some Sean Connery. Beyond that, I haven't delved into the depths of 007 even enough to know the names of the actors playing him. (Whomp whomp.)

But this movie! This one I will see because look at all the shooting and the bright colors and the Chinese dragons and the Javier Bardem I've been promised!

And after that I'll totally catch up on Thunderbags and MoonShaker.

(My friend Richie is so mad at me right now.)