18 Stars Who Clapped Back At Haters For Skinny-Shaming Them

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Women in Hollywood just can't seem to catch a break. If they're curvy, then they're constantly criticized for not looking skinny enough. And if they happen to be slim, then they're seen as “sickly” or “anorexic.” Apparently, our society is extremely picky when it comes to what body type they feel is perfect for a woman. And you know what the worst part is? These insults can push people to unhealthy extremes.

We've seen so many stories about fat-shaming in the past, but skinny-shaming? Not so much. A lot of people feel that fat-shaming is much worse, but actually, both are equally damaging and hurtful. This isn't to say that both forms of bullying are the same. However, both can destroy a girl's confidence, and both send the ridiculous message that women should equate their self-worth with their physical appearance.

It's unfortunate that women have to deal with this much scrutiny, especially those who happen to be in the spotlight. Like, can you imagine tons of angry fans and tabloids constantly sharing insensitive comments about how you look? It sounds like hell. But despite all the negativity, we've seen many celebrities flawlessly clap back at those who dared to criticize their bodies. And in doing so, they've inspired others to love themselves as they are, unapologetically.

See which celebrities refused to put up with skinny-shaming: