Who’s Shocked That The Situation Has Entered Rehab?

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According to TMZ, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino (and his orange abs) has entered rehab for substance abuse. Although this isn't technically “breaking” news, because it's not exactly shocking. It was just a matter of time before one of the hard-partying members of the Jersey Shore was going to have to do their time to sober up in a clinic.

Reps for The Situation were kind enough to contact TMZ to not confirm or deny this information but did say that he “has spent the past several weeks at an undisclosed location for much needed rest and recuperation after his extensive production and appearance schedule.” We all know what that's code for by now: rehab!

It was Sorrentino who willing checked himself in when he realized that his recreational habits had spun out of control, as is very evident during season five of Jersey Shore. It was then, according to people close to him and behind the scenes of the show noticed that he was “acting paranoid” while on the set. It's also during the episode in which the group goes camping that The Situation is not only acting extra unusual, for him anyway, but is also seen being “jittery, and sweating profusely.” Sometimes this can be attributed to too much coffee and 95 degree weather, but apparently not in his case.

And all this time we thought it would be Snooki who'd be first in line at the rehab clinic! But I guess that possibility has been put on hold for at least nine months anyway.

The Situation hopes to get all good and sobered up so he join his buddies back on the “Shore” now that a season six has been announced. Considering he makes anywhere from $15k to $50k for just one nightclub appearance it would suck to have to blow that gravy train because he can't keep his drugs and alcohol consumption at a reasonable pace. Hey, Mike, it's called “moderation!” Look it up. You'll find it in something called a “dictionary.”

Personally, I'd like the names and numbers of these nightclubs who are doling out this cash to him, because they're the ones who need to be in rehab for irresponsibly spending money. I'm sure there's a support group we can get those folks into for that and stat.