The People From TLC’s Sister Wives Are Challenging Utah’s Polygamy Laws In Court

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Sister Wives Portraits

Because it is written into their contracts that the cast of TLC's Mormon reality show Sister Wives must do everything they did on HBO's Big Love, TV polygamist Kody Brown, along with his four “wives,” Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, are challenging Utah's anti-polygamy laws in federal court.

The family fled Utah for (where else?) Las Vegas last year after the courts saw their crimes on TV and began to make prosecutorial noises, although a judge decided not to prosecute them this past June. But that didn't stop them from standing up for their civil rights as the truest Mormons, the ones who never pretended like polygamy was not a part of their wackypants religion. Their lawyer's arguments were first heard yesterday in a federal court in Salt Lake City.

“They’re talking about my life,” dirty supportive polygamist Valerie Darger told Fox 13. The thing that’s different about what we’re asking for is the right to exist and the right to be left alone. We’re not seeking marriage licenses, and so, as far as legal marriage goes, it doesn’t really pertain.”

People on the opposite side say that anti-polygamy laws empower them to go after those who abuse women and children under the guise of tradition. To which I say: have you not seen Big Love? There are good Mormons and bad Mormons. It's possible to go after the Roman Grants of the world with the laws that already protect people from abuse, while leaving the Chloe Sevignys alone. And why is Utah so concerned with refudiating polygamy, anyway? I think someone's feeling a wee bit defensive!

In the end, it's totally possible they'll prevail, in which case Brown will proceed to step two of his plan: gain election to US congress.

(Via The Daily Mail)