Sir Mix-A-Lot Raps ‘Baby Got Back’ With The Seattle Symphony While Dozens Of Women Shake That Healthy Butt

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Sir Mix a Lot Seattle Symphony Twitter June 2014

Just when you think Sir Mix-A-Lot had made his love for big butts clear enough to everyone that he never had to sing that song again, he goes and proves you wrong. Over the weekend Mix (Is that an okay way to refer to him? Or should I just call him Sir?) performed with the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall as part of the Sonic Evolution series, which showcases orchestral versions of songs by Seattle natives. So obviously Mix performed “Baby Got Back” with the help of some violins, etc.

As if that wasn't enough, he also invited dozens of women from the audience onto the stage to dance along to the performance. He asked for “a couple of ladies,” but apparently the kind of ladies who go to watch the Seattle Symphony are very eager to show off their booty-popping moves, because a whole army of dancers crowded the stage. And they did not hold back. I've worked my whole life to have enough courage to tell a waiter they got my order wrong, so watching these ladies shake their healthy butts onstage during an orchestral performance made me feel really insecure.

I want you to think about a few things while you watch this video. First of all, is Sir Mix-A-Lot really still wearing that same hat and leather jacket 20 years later? Do you think he has a closet full of them? Second of all, focus all your attention on the lady in the black dress at the front, because she is working it. And third of all, is anyone able to hear this song without thinking of Emma Geller-Green on Friends? If she were about ten years older now, living in Seattle and, you know, a real person, she'd totally be up there dancing.

(Photo: Twitter)