Intern Debate: Sinister Might Not Be Piss The Bed Scary, But You Should Definitely See It

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If you’re not od-ing on scary movies this October, you’re doing it wrong. One month a year you’re given the perfect excuse to be scared of the dark and not be judged for pissing the bed (maybe a little). Take advantage! Today’s movie release Sinister might not push you to piss the bed status, but it’s still worth seeing.  Fellow Crushable Intern Emma Bracy and I chat about the film, how it compares to other horror movies, it’s smart (but very twisted) plot line, and all the other creepy shit you’d expect. There are some vague spoilers, but nothing that will ruin the ending. You've been warned.

What you should know beforehand: the film stars Ethan Hawke as Ellison Oswalt – a true crime writer who, after receiving immense success on his first book, is desperately anxious to write another hit. Obvs moving into the house that once belonged to a murdered family is the perfect place to be inspired, but what he finds inside the house is a lot more fucked up then he signed up for.

Emma: While I totally loved Sinister, and think it's one of the best horror films that's come out in recent years (besides, of course, Pitch Perfect), it wasn't piss the bed scary. Not that I ever really want to piss the bed. ‘Cause I don't. I’'s uncomfortable and makes your sheets smell badly. But I kinda do want a movie to scare me so much, that I get that “wow! i was just so terrified, I almost lost control of my bladder!” feeling. I didn't get that from Sinister.

Elissa: I didn't get piss the bed scared either (thank god) but I did get “what the fuck is that noise? that's it, sleeping with the TV on” kind of feeling. (I'm not sure why I feel safer with the TV on, it's not like the cast of Friends can save me.) I do agree that it is definitely one of the best horror films. Although I could be biased by the fact that I think Ethan Hawke is complete fox, but who knows.
I do have to say, one of the things that freaked me out from the start were the kids, especially the daughter. I got such a Ring vibe from her.

Emma: I didn't get as much of a Ring vibe as I did an Irish Springs vibe. I mean, such a ginger. I actually didn't think she was that sketchy, but I see your point considering her hair was entirely too long.

Elissa: Yes! Far too long. Maybe I was just sketched out from the very beginning  – the music really bugged me out and the whole story was really freakin' twisted.

Emma: I don't even remember the music… but the story was really twisted. It also really reminded me of Secret Window, but that might have been because I’m pretty sure Ethan Hawke was wearing the same sweater as Johnny Depp in that movie and had the same glasses on a string thing going on. Typical “writer.” I also kinda liked the way they expanded the whole writer thing beyond the scope of wardrobe, too. There was definitely a “your narrative is important” & “stories need to be told and/or documented” thing going on, right?


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Elissa: Yeah absolutely. Even though it was all done in a particularly screwed up fashion, that theme was definitely coming across. A lot of emphasis was placed on providing a voice for those without one/who couldn't speak for themselves

Emma: like dead people.

Elissa: exactly.

Emma: it did get to be a little much at times…

Elissa: I agree. And there were plenty of times where I had the typical “okay, this can be solved in a second” thoughts, but Ethan Hawke's performance made up for it a bit I think

Emma: Oh yeah. Kind of like Homeland with Claire Danes

Elissa: Definitely getting that feeling…only this time the terrorist is Mr. Boogie and he wants your kids

Emma: Yes. There were moments when I thought it was going there, too. I was like, “is Ethan gonna be crazy?!”

Elissa: Yes! totally thought that also

Emma: The thing that was so great about this film was that I really couldn't figure it out for a while, and I’m pretty good at guessing plots.

Elissa: Agreed…it wasn't too predictable. I was surprised at the end..my reaction was a bit like this

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Emma: By the end I definitely knew what was going to happen, but there were some other things that never got cleared up for me. Like, why was there a scorpion in the attic? Are scorpions native to Bumblefuck, Pa? (maybe we could ask Taylor Swift) And it's THAT kind of lasting impression that I really appreciate in a film

Elissa: Good point. I think they tried to connect it to Bagul, but it wasn't clear. I left the theater wanting more of Deputy So-and-So (played by James Ransone), so maybe we could get some more of him and these answers in a sequel? Although T-Swift is always a good go to.

Emma: Sinister 2: The Tale of Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy

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