Sinead O’Connor Has Been Hospitalized For Depression

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Sinead O Connor Has Been Hospitalized For Depression Sinead O Connor jpg

It’s been a bumpy few months for Sinead O’Connor. Since she began popping up in the headlines for her bizarre, T.M.I. sex rants, the Irish pop star has met a man, fallen in love, gotten married, gotten separated, gotten back together with him, and then grown estranged from him once again, tweeting all the while. This behavior seemed like both a symptom of, and a catalyst for, emotional stress in her life, so it comes as somewhat of a relief that she’s finally decided to take steps to get help by checking herself into a treatment facility for her depression. (Which, from the looks of it, is bipolar in nature.)

“Gonna be off radar for few weeks. But will be back. Worry not,” she tweeted a few days ago, followed by some clarifying tweets to her followers: “exactly.. im going to hospital. Treatment for depression. Not at all well. But they will put me back together quick.” She also told fans not to worry about her: “Dont want anyone worrying. Should only worry if a depressed person DOESNT go hospital. all will be well. Just little time. : )”

O’Connor has spoken before about how tricky it can be to find psychiatric help in Ireland. “Now in Ireland we are also in fear of ever actually verbalizing that we feel suicidal. this is because we will be labelled ‘mad’ and if you’re ‘mad’, people abuse you,” she wrote earlier this month. It’s great that she’s trying to make this a less taboo topic of conversation, and we here at Crushable wish her luck in her fight with depression.

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