Sin City Released

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Sin City was released today starring Alexis Bledel, Jessica Alba, Devon Aoki, and others.

Sin City wasn’t designed to be a Hollywood blockbuster despite its who’s who big name cast. Huge action set pieces and formula narrative are replaced by a hearty combination of radical violence, deep voiced heroes and thugs, topless babes and sensual Jessica Alba exotic dancing.

Few would argue these aren’t the main ingredients for the perfect guys guilty pleasure. Even fewer might realize a subtle creative decision spawned from the mind of director Robert Rodriguez helps catapult a would-be Hollywood alternative hit into an unforgettable, immortal ManRoom classic.

Alexis Bledel’s role as Becky got less than glowing praise. Perhaps it was not easy to see good-girl Rory playing a hooker.

Stick with the soapy roles, Alexis. I fear your image is forever tarnished playing goodie two shoes Rory Gilmore.