Simon Cowell Wants Another Taylor Swift

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Simon Cowell Wants Another Taylor Swift simon 275x200 jpgTaylor Swift has it all: radio domination, a boatload of awards, an apology from Kanye West, and love interests like Glee’s Corey Monteith. Also, she sort of resembles what we imagine the Tooth Fairy to look like.

So! It’s hardly shocking that Simon Cowell is looking for her doppelganger on American Idol.

“I’d love to find a Taylor Swift — somebody relevant,” he said during a Thursday eve teleconference with media outlets. As he put it, “There is definitely a better chance of a girl winning this year.”

Regarding his impending Idol departure, Mr. Nasty said there’s “no shortage of candidates” to replace him. But there are a few big names in the hat: We’re talking about Howard Stern, who’s campaigning for the hottest gig on TV (and one that could stand to make him even richer than he already is).

“He obviously wants the job — good luck to him,” said Cowell, calling Stern’s radio campaign “brilliant.”

Still, he argued for recruiting a new judge who “actually knows what they’re talking about,” and has experience in the music business. Someone who can spot a star. Someone who can make a difference to contestants.

Are you getting soft, Simon?

Is that a tear in our eye?

In the name of Kelly Clarkson, please don’t go!