Weekend WTF: Some Lady Threw Eggs At Simon Cowell’s Nipples?

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During a lovely, operatic-like performance by two young gents on Britain's Got Talent, a viola player went rogue and started pelting Simon Cowell with raw eggs.  Yep, it went down exactly like it sounds!  I know we talk about a lot of people throwing shade on Crushable, but I daresay this may be the first time we've discussed literal egg throwing.

After the dairy pelting escapade, the woman was hastened off the stage by a couple of British constables (okay, they were probably just security staff) and she later apologized, giving absolutely no real reason (though we can think of one) for attacking our favorite bare-chested British curmudgeon with eggs.

If you happen to find this kind of thing humorous like I do, please enjoy the following video.  Major kudos to the two performers who kept their shit together and continued to serenade the audience Pavarotti-style throughout the interruption.

I also have to hand it to Simon Cowell, who handled it in a classy manner and barely seemed to get nary a chest hair into knots over it:




(Photo: WENN)