Simon Cowell Doesn’t Even Know When He’s Rolling His Eyes At People Anymore

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You know how your mom used to tell you not to make your face into horrible expressions lest it should freeze like that? I'm pretty sure that's what happened to Simon Cowell around his hundredth smirk. Now he's stuck giving everyone the perpetual stink eye whether he means to or not; friends, pets, even his beloved Kelly Clarkson. It is his cross to bear.

Singer Michael Bublé apparently didn't know that when he performed on American Idol back in 2007, and thought it was personally directed at him. In a recent interview with The Radio Times, he described the effect Cowell-face had on him:

I had to sing Call Me Irresponsible in front of 20 million people. And the first thing I saw when I got on stage was Simon. I sang about four lines and he looked at me and did this [he rolls his eyes] and that was it, I was done. It killed me. My confidence dropped.

‘Maybe Cheryl Cole gets a little quiet and more demure when she loses her confidence. But I become aloof. I get the attitude of, “Oh really? Well, f*** you. You don't like me? Then go **** yourself. I'm just gonna do whatever.”‘

Naturally, Bublé was upset, so he did what any mature person would do: he tattled to his friend Dannii Minogue, who then confronted Cowell about it, only to find Cowell had no clue what she was talking about. And Michael Bublé learned a lesson that day:

‘He was just probably sitting on his fifth hour of the show going, “Kill me now… and I've got to go to the bathroom”.

‘But I'm so sensitive I took it as a rejection. Anyway, every time I've ever talked to him since then he's been incredibly nice.'

Stars! They're just as pissy and insecure as us.

(Via The Daily Mail)