If You Like This Show On Hiatus, We Think You’ll Love This One That’s On Netflix

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Falling in love is a thrill. There's the initial attraction, the getting-to-know-you phase, the time when you get comfortable enough to wear sweatpants in front of the object of your affection. But it's scary, too. You never know what will happen next, and you never want your love to leave you – but sometimes, you have to let it go. With TV shows, it's the same. First you see a commercial, then you watch one episode while waiting for your nails to dry, then you're binge watching in your oldest hoodie. But, alas, all good shows must come to an end, if only for a seasonal hiatus. That's where Netflix comes in! While your favorite show is taking a break, sit on your couch and watch these ones to fill the void. Pants optional.

1. If You Love Boardwalk Empire, Watch The Tudors

The Tudors


Went Off Air: November 24
Returns To HBO: Fall 2014

Replace Steve Buscemi with Jonathon Rhys Meyers (much easier on the eyes), cross the Atlantic and rewind the clock a few hundred years. The Showtime historical fiction show is set in sixteenth-century England during the reign of Henry VIII (Meyers). The Tudors gives you the political intrigue and scandal among the powerful characters that you're looking for and also stars Man of Steel's Henry Cavill. All four seasons are available.

2. If You Love Covert Affairs, Watch Bones



Went Off Air: November 21
Returns To USA: Summer 2014

Nothing better than strong women getting the job done, right? In Fox's Bones, it's Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan, a socially awkward (but still beautiful) forensic anthropologist. The crime drama angle comes from Bones' work with solving FBI cases. Like Annie Walker and Auggie Anderson in Covert Affairs, Bones must learn to work with a partner to get the job done. The ninth season is currently airing, the first eight are available.

3. If You Love Eastbound & Down, Watch My Name Is Earl

My Name is Earl


Went Off Air: November 17
Returns To HBO: The show will not be returning for a fifth season.

Both shows feature a man who's down on his luck, but through the struggles, a comedy is portrayed. Jason Lee is Earl on the NBC show, a petty criminal who thinks his strife is over when he wins the lottery. Obviously this isn't the case, because the show wouldn't be funny if he just got rich and all his problems disappeared. All four seasons are available.

4. If You Love Homeland, Watch House of Cards

House of Cards


Goes Off Air: December 15
Returns To Showtime: 2014

Starring Kevin Spacey, House of Cards is a drama created for Netflix. Like Homeland, it's a political thriller. Though the action involves personal scandals and legislature rather than terrorism and prisoners of war, it's a dark, deep show in the best way. You can watch the whole first season on Netflix before the second one premieres in February.

5. If You Love It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Watch Arrested Development

Arrested Development


Went Off Air: November 27
Returns to FXX: Fall 2014

With a fabulous cast (including a pre-Superbad Michael Cera), Arrested Development covers all the comedic bases. The show features less drinking than It's Always Sunny, but the hilarious family dynamic, struggling business scenario and abundance of shenanigans will keep you from missing the Philly gang. The three original seasons aired on Fox, with a fourth recently produced for Netflix. All four are available.

6. If You Love The League, Watch Scrubs



Went Off Air: November 20
Returns To FX: Fall 2014

A group of guys and gals just living their lives, making fools of themselves in surprisingly endearing ways – I may not trust any of the Scrubs characters to actually treat me in a hospital, but I would love to grab a beer with them. The comedy, airing on NBC until ABC picked it up, is narrated by Zach Braff, who is so laughable you won't believe he pulled off his serious role in Garden State. The comedic interactions between all of the staff at the hospital will make you forget to miss fantasy football. All nine seasons are available.

7.  If You Love Masters of Sex, Watch Mad Men

Mad Men


Goes Off Air: December 15
Returns To Showtime: 2014

With all the affairs had by Don Draper (Jon Hamm) in Mad Men, I think he could be considered a “master of sex” too. The AMC drama also features career folk making strides in their field, only in Mad Men the industry is advertising in the 1960s – though the characters do plenty of sexual research on the side. The first five of six seasons are available.

8. If You Love Parks and Recreation, Watch The Office

The Office


Goes Off Air: It's complicated.
Returns To NBC: Early 2014. Hopefully.

Parks & Rec is only on hiatus temporarily, but while the folks at NBC get their priorities straightened out, you can get your dose of office comedy from The Office. The NBC show focuses on the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and the myriad employees that are (often unintentionally) hilarious while dealing with their day jobs. The boss is played by the versatile Steve Carell and everyone's favorite boy-next-door John Krasinski is an employee. All nine seasons are available.

9. If You Love Scandal, Watch Revenge



Goes Off Air: December 12
Returns to ABC: February 2014

ABC's Revenge is a little bloodier than Scandal, but it features a strong female lead trying to become successful while maintaining her professionalism. Of course, in Revenge, “success” is defined by Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) as systematically destroying every person who helped to falsely imprison her father for murder rather than giving legal assistance to the White House, but potato, po-tah-toe.

10. If You Love Sons of Anarchy, Watch Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad


Goes Off Air: December 10
Returns To FX: Fall 2014

If you somehow missed this crazy popular AMC drama, catch up now while you're waiting for the return of Sons of Anarchy's rough crowd. The show depicts the life of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), an average high school chemistry teacher who turns to making meth when he's diagnosed with cancer and the medical bills get out of hand. Walter and his partner Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) may not ride motorcycles, but there's enough drugs, crime and foul language to keep you enthralled. All five seasons are available.