17 TV Shows Airing (or About to Air) Their Final Season

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It can be hard to say goodbye to good TV shows. You spend hours invested in the characters and their stories. When you get into a show, the characters become part of your life, the show becomes a part of your routine, and it's all the same whether you watch on a weekly basis or binge-watch all seven seasons in a week — or less (no judgment). It's a vicious cycle every TV enthusiast is familiar with, but can never get used to. When the show comes to a finish, it's like there is a black hole where your heart used to be.

We're living in an incredible time for television, which makes saying goodbye to shows even more difficult. Seriously, though. Who's still recovering from Breaking Bad ending? And that was years ago! Alas, this happens every year and each time it happens, it's still just as hard. So pour one out for these shows, which we will miss dearly after they air their final season.