The Shoshi Olympics Tumblr Deserves To Win All The Medals, And Then Some

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Shoshanna Girls Favorite UtensilAs someone who just discovered the biathlon is a  real sport and not the result of a Republican fever dream, I'm loving the Sochi Olympics. Even the parts that make me feel like an incompetent human being who can't lift one leg in the air, let alone lift it and spin around for several minutes. But everything I've seen so far pales in comparison to the Shoshi Games 2014 Tumblr. As you've probably already figured out, it stars Shoshanna Shapiro from Girls.

On the slight chance you haven't ever hate-watched Girls for the sole purpose of hate-discussing it the next day at work, let me fill you in on her character. She's a neurotic and shallow college student who obsesses over the silliest things. If a pair of Lululemon pants bred with a Soul Cycle enthusiast, their love child would be Shoshanna. Also, fun fact, she styles her hair like it's auditioning to play Carrie Bradshaw in an off-Broadway production of Sex and the CityBefore I gave up on the third season of the show, she started transitioning from not having street smarts to not having any smarts. At all. Like the things coming out of her mouth went from slightly humorous to very alarming.

But that's neither here nor there nor Bushwick right now. Today's all about the Shoshi Games. So with no further ado, I give you some of my favorites:

The Shoshi Games Tumblr dry bar The Shoshi Games Tumblr Putin Curling Bat Mitzvah The Shoshi Games Tumblr Putin There

Like these? Totally, for sure, you just got a manicure? Okay, check out MORE Shoshi Games greatness at the actual Tumblr.

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