The Most Shocking Riverdale Season 2 Fan Theories To Date

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The First Black Hood Accusation

The CW

Riverdale‘s winter finale supposedly revealed that the creepy janitor was the Black Hood. Yeah, 99% of us are NOT buying that. Many think the janitor was a decoy. A theory in itself, but we're here to talk about who could actually be the legit Riverdale tyrant. First up is Tall Boy. Tall Boy could have been hired by Mr. Blossom to take out people in Riverdale, which yes would mean Papa Blossom is still kickin' it — more on that later.
There are a number of reasons behind why Tall Boy could be the hooded killer, and they're pretty convincing. The most believable reasoning would be that Tall Boy is seeking revenge on the Northside for always treating the Southside like they're the immoral ones. They also believe that he picked Betty as his go-to contact because her mother has a history with the Serpents that continues to be unresolved. There's definitely something going on with Tall Boy… He's got that bad, rebellious nature that could possibly translate into him being a murderer.