Shocking Advertisements You’ll Never Believe Were Allowed To Run

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Let's face it, we've all been super annoyed by commercials, and we might not take ads that seriously anymore. After all, we can stream Netflix 24/7 meaning we don't have to deal with brands trying to sell us hair products and fast food. But for those of us who have to watch Dancing with the Stars live on Monday nights to avoid spoilers, and those who can't afford the extra dollars for the no-commercial plan on Hulu, ads are still a simple fact of life. No matter how annoying you think that jingle is on that one commercial, or how truly dumb it is that the Verizon guy switched over to the rival company, compared to some other advertisements, those are good. You'll be truly shocked at the surprising (and honestly, kind of depressing) advertisements that were once actually allowed to be printed in magazines.

From sexist messages to racist imagery, mocking global tragedies and more, some of the ads that have actually been made are just too much to take. Check out the gallery to see the most shocking advertisements that shouldn't have been allowed to run.