‘Sh-t Girls Say About The Show Girls’ Brings A Meta Meme To A Meta Show

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We should have seen it coming: With young women (from New York and elsewhere) all having an opinion on Lena Dunham‘s “voice of a generation” commentary on twentysomethings in HBO‘s Girls, of course we would hear about it in the form of a “Shit Girls Say” video.

“Shit Girls Say About The Show Girls,” written and directed by Rachael Mason, visits the same locales we see in the HBO series — offices, parks, bathrooms — and has a bevy of normal-looking women breaking down the show's hot-button issues: The whiteness of the cast, taking opposite sides of “It's like they broke into my house and filmed it” versus “That's nothing like my life,” and Lena Dunham‘s weight. But of course the most realistic commentary on Girls is the woman at the end of the video who asks, “Do I have to have an opinion on this?”

The one thing it's missing is discussion on the show's awkward and graphic sex scenes. However, I can see why Mason and the video's producers would have left any frank sex talk out in order to have the video be more shareable across the internet. Since the jury is out on Girls, I'd love to see a follow-up once season 1 wraps.