Shia LaBeouf Is Using Twitter To Steal Even More Of Daniel Clowes’ Ideas

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Shia LaBeouf attending the Berlin International Film Festival February 2013Have we considered that there might be something seriously going on with Shia LaBeouf? What the hell is this kid up to? Will nothing stop his douche-y tirade? Every apology is a plagiarism of someone else's apology, and I think we're probably all so simultaneously over- and under-whelmed by his shenanigans that we're ready to ignore him for the next five years or so.

But you know who doesn't have that option? Daniel Clowes, the man whose work Justin M Damiano Shia plagiarized for his film HowardCantour.comShia lifted whole sections of dialogue without citing it as an inspiration, and we've already been through several layers of increasingly insincere apologies about it. Which, like…whatever. Obviously he's being a dick, but at least he's pretending to be sorry. Or he was — now he's just straight up taunting Daniel. Just like he did in person when he showed up to the opening night of Orphans, the Broadway show he got kicked out of early last year. Remember that? He sat in the front row, like a prick, while his poor replacement had to act out all his scenes a mere ten feet away.

In this case though, the front row is Twitter, which Shia is using to make his interactions with Daniel Clowes' lawyer public. Very similar to what he did with that Alec Baldwin correspondence, if we're looking for patterns. In addition to his first count of plagirism, for HowardCantour.com, Shia also tweeted out a storyboard for a future project called ‘Daniel Boring', which is a pretty direct and blatant shot at Daniel Clowes, who has a comic series and graphic novel titled ‘David Boring'.

Daniel's lawyer Michael Kemp agreed that it was a complete rip-off, and sent Shia a cease and desist demanding that he take that tweet down. Which he did, but only to re-post it a few days later…twice…with the full text of the C&D letter attached. So classy, right? And when you combine all that nonsense with the cryptic, passive-aggressive tweets he's been putting out there complaining that ‘now our stories are owned for profit', what you get is just one massive pile of douche.

Give it a rest, Shia. Trolling people on the internet is one thing, but you're messing with someone's livelihood.

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