Shia LaBeouf Threatens The Life Of One Of His Fans, Which Is A Really Sweet Gesture

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Shia LaBeouf arriving in LAX from London 2013So apparently Shia LaBeouf threatened the life of one of his own fans after he was approached at a restaurant this past weekend; an impressively douche-y move even for someone whose bad behavior Crushable has already been compelled to record in an official Timeline Of Douche.

Shia was having dinner at a ‘chic bar restaurant' in an area of London called Covent Garden when a female fan came up to him to request an autograph. Somehow he was able to reduce her to tears from a single conversation, which is a pretty ballsy move considering that she very well might have been his last fan on earth. According to witnesses, the woman's boyfriend then approached Shia, and the two of them got into what's being described as a ‘tussle' before Shia was escorted out by a group of waiters and fellow restaurant patrons:

‘Shia went for this guy after he upset his girlfriend. It was shocking. He looked out of control.' Shia pursued him and was overhead saying, ‘I can get you killed'.”

Good. Great. Threatening your own fans with contracted murder? Doesn't get much classier than that. But I guess it's to be expected, since Shia is well known for getting deeply absorbed into his character research, whether that means lying about having real sex for Nymphomaniac or taking the wrong type of drugs to prepare for Charlie Countryman. And since he's currently filming a movie called Fury with Brad Pitt, apparently he wants to take ‘asshole' to a whole new level, and he's willing to involve his fans to do it.

But honestly, if you're still a fan of Shia's at this point, isn't that subonsciously what you want? Doesn't part of you want to get tangled up in his preparation for the next meaty role he's doing? Don't you want to do meth with him for his Breaking Bad-inspired Off-Off-Broadway spoken word play? Or let him sneeze in your mouth so you can get Hepatitis C with him for his role as a homeless man?

I'm just saying, he's proven his character pretty through-and-through at this point, so if you don't want to end up crying at a restaurant or getting threatened with a hit man — maybe give him a wide berth when he's out eating bangers and mash. Just an idea, since he obviously can't (or won't) control himself.

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