Shia LaBeouf’s Has Courageously Come Out Of Retirement After Nearly Three Weeks Of Not Creating

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Shia LaBeouf attending the premiere of Lawless August 2013

I love it when celebrities come out of retirement, especially the ones who retire, come out of retirement, threaten to go back into retirement, retire briefly once again, etc. Really, the actors and actresses who are addicted to fake retiring are probably my all-time favorite.  So when I learned that Shia LaBeouf was coming out of his three-week long retirement/period of #StopCreating, I was ecstatic.

Shia LaDouche (Too easy? I'm sorry, it's been a long week) will soon start work on the new “indie comedy” (because of course it's an indie comedy) Rock The Casbah which also stars Bill MurrayKate Hudson, and Zooey Deschanel. So after three long, arduous, Shia-less weeks, the acting world can release its bated breath because he will grace us with his erratic presence on-screen once more in the near future.  Just like Justin Bieber before him, Shia couldn't resist the temptation and his retirement lasted less than a month.

We were skeptical of his retirement announcement, especially since it followed a lengthy period of insane, attention-seeking behavior and Twitter abuse.  We figured Shia wouldn't be able to stay from the spotlight for very long.  I had an inkling something was brewing, since he's tweeted the following message every single day for the past two weeks:

Mmm-hmm.  So deep. *smirk*

(Photo: WENN)