Shia LaBeouf Pulled Out His Own Tooth On Set, Which Understandably Bothered His Co-Stars

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Shia LaBeouf attending New York premiere of 'The Company You Keep' MoMA April 2013It's becoming increasingly clear that Shia LaBeouf's life goal is to be a less charming, less funny, less talented James Franco. At this point I think even James would be like, “Hey man, what the hell are you doing? Quit being such a douche.” We've kept a timeline of Shia's douchebaggery that you can peruse here, but lately everyone's been talking about his plagiarism shenanigans. Shia decided to rip off a comic by Daniel Clowes, and then he decided to just throw human decency and personal responsibility out the window and has been tweeting apologies that are plagiarized from other people, including Lena Dunham. He's even resorted to sarcastic skywriting. It's made a lot of people angry/amused/confused/terrified at the same time (credit to Taylor Swift). Now there are reports that Shia has also acted strangely on the set of his new movie Fury.

A source told The Daily Mail that Shia was warned about his erratic behavior on the set of the World War II movie, which is filming in the UK. The people warning him included his co-star Brad Pitt and his director David Ayer. What kind of erratic behavior could have bothered them so much? I'll let the source reveal it him/her/itself.

‘Shia drove everyone mad on set trying to prove that he was the most dedicated star. He pulled out  his own tooth during the first few weeks of filming and then refused to shower for weeks on end so he could better understand how his character would have felt living in the trenches.’

Oh, you know, just your typical on-set tooth-pulling and lack of hygiene. The normal, run-of-the-mill things an actor must do to prepare for a movie role. Understandably, the people working with him were reportedly pretty freaked out by it all, and when he ignored their warnings, the source says Shia was forced to stay in a small bed-and-breakfast apart from the other actors. I'm sure the people who ran that bed-and-breakfast appreciated that.

I wonder what Shia did with the tooth he allegedly pulled? Did he turn it into an engagement ring and marry himself? Did he put it in a salad and eat it? Did he stick it under his pillow and wait for a dollar to be left there? I've heard that the Tooth Fairy only takes baby teeth, and only when they fall out on their own, so I'm guessing Shia wouldn't have had any luck there. Either way I'm sure he stole the whole teeth-pulling concept from someone else who did that once, because of art and so forth.

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