Shia LaBeouf Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Plagiarizing His Apologies For Plagiarism

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Shia LaBeouf attending Berlin Film Festival premiere of Charlie Countryman February 2013Just when you think Shia LaBeouf can't top his already impressive level of professional douchebaggery, he goes and proves you wrong. Earlier this week he was embroiled in a pretty incriminating plagiarism scandal surrounding a short film he directed which took direct dialogue and plot from a comic by Daniel Clowes. Shia took to Twitter to offer a long bullshit-scented apology, part of which was apparently stolen from a Yahoo! Answers entry. It also wasn't Shia's first experience with plagiarism; he ripped off parts of an Esquire article in publicly released email apologies to Alec Baldwin earlier this year. But if you thought that was the end of it, boy oh boy were you wrong.

Even though it's being reported that Shia could actually face legal action for the plagiarism, he's decided to just turn this into one big hilarious joke. Except it's not hilarious. It's extremely dickish and kind of disturbing. After his initial apology streak, Shia returned to Twitter yesterday and today to give more fake apologies stolen from Tiger Woods and Robert McNamara.

The Wire points out that his latest tweet is also plagiarized — from a statement by artist Shepard Fairey apologizing for his use of an AP photo in his Obama Hope poster.

Oh, and the tweet before that? Also plagiarized — this one from an open letter by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, as pointed out on Twitter and verified with a quick Google search of the sentences.

So clearly at this point Shia has just decided to start trolling us with some sort of James Franco-esque meta experiment in being a jerk. Plagiarism apology Inception, if you will. If this all turns out to be a hoax that Daniel Clowes is involved in — and I have nothing but my own conspiracy theorist's brain to prove that — there will be nothing left for Hollywood to surprise us with. Jimmy Kimmel, Elan Gale and Family Guy already loosened the lid on my pop culture disillusionment.

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