Shia LaBeouf Steals An Old Lena Dunham Apology, Appoints Himself King Of Mocking Apologies

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Shia Labeouf BIFF Berlin Germany February 9 2013

If your head is still swimming thanks to Shia LaBeouf's recent and incessant plagiarism/apology/plagiarized apologies scandal, then I hope you're prepared to drown because I'm pretty sure Shia is officially addicted to delivering fake apologies.  The latest victim of LaBeouferism (yes, that's an actual term now)?  Lena Dunham.

Let me backtrack here.  Recently, Shia admitted to a fairly incriminating plagiarism scandal revolving around a short film he directed in which he blatantly plagiarized from a comic by author Daniel Clowes.  After being called out for that particular idiotic move, he then decided to one-up us all by issuing a series of plagiarized apologies – going so far as to also hire a skywriter to basically offer a literal interpretation of the hashtag “sorrynotsorry.” What role does Lena Dunham play in all of this, you ask?  Well, not one to stray from Twitter controversy herself, Lena posted the following tweet this morning, which Shia promptly re-tweeted:

He then took it one step further by plagiarizing an old Lena Dunham apology in response:

Which lead to the following Twitter exchange:


Still with us?  Yeah, me too.  Barely.  I mean, I get that Shia's trolling us and trying desperately to prove how elusive and ironic he is.  He's basically waiting for all of us to say things like “Bravo!” and “Touché, LaBeouf!”  But all that really comes to my mind at this point is, “Douché, LaBeouf!” instead.  Ugh.

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