Shia LaBeouf Got Drunk On The Set Of Lawless — Good Method Acting Or Excuse For Alcoholism?

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Though he's never had to go to rehab, Shia LaBeouf has had his problems with alcohol over the past few years. We've witnessed at least one drunken fight, which is reason enough for Shia to take it easy on the liquor. But with his new movie Lawless, where he and Tom Hardy play Prohibition-era bootleggers, Shia decided that he would go as Method as possible, and show up drunk. He told the New York Post‘s Page Six,

“My drinking on this movie was as undestructive as I could possibly make it, if that makes sense. I did it for the movie. I didn’t drink off set for no reason. I did it because, when I showed up on set the next day, my [bleep]ing eyes looked like this and my face… had that drunk bloat that I needed, that I couldn’t have if that wasn’t going on.”

Hey, that's exactly how Rooney Mara got the role of Lisbeth Salander in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by showing up to an audition hungover per David Fincher‘s command. And Shia did seem to clarify that he was trying to stay in control while still being appropriately hammered. And yet, his next quote on the subject makes it sound like he didn't have a very good handle on things: He says that his behavior freaked out his co-star Mia Wasikowska. Though they later became friends, he said, at the time she didn't “get” what he was going for:

“She was calling her attorney, like, ‘Get me the [bleep] out of here. […] Mia was ready to walk away from the movie. I was really pretty aggressive about it, and not in any kind of weird, strange way, but I don’t think she had ever experienced anything like that.”

So, can Shia compartmentalize between authenticity for a role and a crutch, or is he just using Lawless as an excuse to fall off the wagon? Not to sound prudish, but you have to wonder if he couldn't have just faked being drunk and bloated for the role, since he's, you know, an actor. Also, he compared moonshine to heroin, which sounds like the worst thing he could say.

Should we be gearing up for another LaBeouf shitshow? I feel like these outbursts of his come in threes, and just yesterday he likened working on Transformers to having a finger stuck up his ass. Guaranteed there'll be another off-the-wall quote from him in the next twenty-four hours.

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