Shia LaBeouf Took Drugs For A Character, But Naturally He Took The Wrong Ones

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Shia LaBeouf attending Berlin Film Festival premiere of Charlie Countryman February 2013Nobody takes a role more seriously than Shia LaBeouf, and he's currently playing the role World's Biggest Douchebag to great critical acclaim. He will have the real sex, do the real drugs, and get in the real fights for his craft. You don't even have to ask him to do it, and you certainly shouldn't expect to like the result, but goddamnit, he will do it. He dedicates his life to these roles like he's gonna get married to them…except it turns out he's a pretty bad husband.

For Shia's most recent movie, Charlie Countryman, I guess his character is supposed to be on drugs for a small part of it. Briefly. So Shia was like YES OKAY I WILL DO THIS PASS ME THE ACID PLEASE YUM YUM. He procured some acid from somewhere and proceeded to live tweet his experience while on it. Because he's an Artist.

So anyway that happened, and everyone was like, “Oh Shia, you silly old bean, that's a weird thing to do, but I can't wait to  see how much better it makes the movie.” Except there was a screening of the movie last night and it turns out Shia took the wrong goddamn drug. By kind of a lot — he was supposed to take ecstasy, and he actually took acid. Pretty different, as Vulture pointed out to the film's director, Fredrik Bond. To which he responded:

“Yeah, yeah, yeah! In the script, it's Carpathian ecstasy, a special hostel ecstasy that exists in maybe just Bucharest … So, Shia said he took acid? I didn't know he went out and said that. But it was always ecstasy in the script.”

Oh. Oops. What a weird mistake to make. I mean if you're really taking the role that seriously, then wouldn't you double check to make sure you were ‘researching' the right drug. And I'm putting ‘research' in quotes because apparently Fredrik not only didn't ask him to do it for the movie, but also didn't even know that he had:

“No, he informed me that he was going to go out on a limb and push the envelope. He said he wants to make this like they did in the seventies; he was like, ‘I want it to be like there's a gun against my head.'”

Let's give all the Oscars to Shia for the role of World Class Idiot. Really an across-the-board impeccable performance.

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