This Should Surprise No One, But Shia LaBeouf Is Being Kind Of A Dick

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Shia LaBeouf 69th Venice Film Festival 2012I can almost guarantee that this won't be the last time I say this in my life, but Shia LaBeouf is being kind of an asshole, you guys. I get that friction happens between actors the way it has been between Shia and Alec Baldwin, but what I don't get is why it's necessary for Shia to continue posting their private correspondence publicly on Twitter.

This all started because Shia dropped out of ‘Orphans', a Broadway play in which he was supposed to star with Alec last minute, leading to speculations that there were problems behind-the-scenes. The play's director, Daniel Sullivan, didn't get too into it; just released a vague statement with the buzzwords ‘disagreeable' and ‘incompatible' highlighted. And that probably could've been the end of it, except that Shia decided to publish their emails to each other on his Twitter, most likely because he was paritucularly proud of a long, rambling text he'd sent to Alec about what makes a man that it turns out he'd plagiarized directly from Penthouse.

That was last week. And now, Shia's releasing even more. This time, he's making public emails from the director as well, ones that are critical of Alec in a certain light. In one, he warns Shia not to expect Alec to look up from his script for the first couple days because he's likely ‘not as prepared' as Shia, something I have no doubt that nobody wanted published. Here's another exchange that he tweeted:

From Alec:

“That was supposed to read:

We start Monday.

But I'm so fucking tired.


Followed by a bro-haiku from Shia:

im a hustler

i dont get tired

im 26 chief”

And then a rebuttal from Alec:

“Listen, boy.

I'm not your fuckin' chief.

You got that?



Let's go.


Okay, Shia, but why? Just stop publishing your inbox, you weirdo. You're trying to show off, but you're achieving the absolute opposite goal, so shut up. I think no one can really say it better than Alec Baldwin:

“[Regardless] of what people feel about the events that happened, you expect communications to be private, because everyone wants this process to be as collegial as possible. Everyone is very sad about what’s happened.”

I mean yeah. When Alec Baldwin is educating you on what is and isn't socially appropriate, it's probably time to rein it in, Shia.

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