Sherri Shepherd And Ty Burrell On The Bonnie Hunt Show

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Today, on The Bonnie Hunt Show, guests who made their way over included controversial The View co-host Sherri Shepherd and actor Ty Burrell. Sherri sat down with Bonnie and discussed her infamous “Is the World Flat?” discussion that went down on The View in 2007, in which she said she didn’t know whether the world was flat.

Sherri claims that she had been distracted that day because her mind was preoccupied by the fact that a check had bounced that day. She also discussed her new book Permission Slips and what her message was for women who stress about everything.

Sherri Shepherd:


Ty Burrell plays Phil Dunphy on ABC’s comedy Modern Family. He spoke a bit about his role on the show and experiences that make him perfect for it. Check out his interview below!

Ty Burrell: