Try To Stay Calm, But We Have Some Really Really Really Excellent Sherlock News

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Benedict Cumberbatch saying thank you as Sherlock GIFBecause of my job, I try to make it a habit never to get too excited about anything in the pop culture world, but one exception to that rule is the BBC One show SherlockWhich is why I'm considering running up to the top of the building and shouting this news I just heard from the rooftops…

…there's gonna be a fourth season! And not just a ‘rumored' fourth season or a ‘schedule-pending' fourth season. An actual on-the-books fourth season, confirmed by everyone who's anyone, including Deadline, BBC One, and co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. And not only that! There's going to be a special as well, to bridge the gap between the already-aired third season and impending fourth season, just to keep people interested. HUZZAHHHHHHH!

And shooting will actually be fairly soon, considering! (Sorry about all the exclamation points so far. I will try to tone it down so as not to blow all my energy before lunch.) They're gonna start filming the special in January 2015, with the series beginning to shoot later next year.

And before you grumble about that being forever away, just think about all the crazy scheduling restrictions that the show's stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are working with. Those two are incredibly in-demand right now, and the fact that we're getting more Sherlock is proof that the show is a priority and that these characters are special to them and they're going to play them as long as they can until forever and ever amen.

This was all announced via BBC One's Twitter, which warned of an impending announcement:

Yesssss. So thrilled and relieved that we haven't seen the last of this amazing show THAT WE SHOULD ALL BE WATCHING. We're all watching it, yes? Everyone's up-to-date. Good. Because Mark Gatiss says that the three new episodes will take Sherlock and John ‘into deeper and darker water than ever before.'

SQUEEEEEEEEE. BRB, gotta take a nap.

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